. is where businesses can showcase their layby, layaway or LayBuy options.

Sell more of your products by sharing the fact that you offer Lay Bys. is where consumers can locate a business that allows them to buy normal and sale price products that can be held for them until they have paid the full amount.

Store and product listings for merchants and retailers are free.

Supply images, the text for the page and any YouTube video to be embedded.


Pages do not expire. They will remain on until the merchant requests removal.

There is no commission on sales.

The only other charge is $10 for processing changes ( if required ) to a merchant's showcase page after it was initially approved.

Sponsored Posts.

We publish articles in our magazine section and for these, we charge a modest editorial fee.


Merchants can showcase up to 5 products on each page.

Further products will require additional page or pages.

Product listings on can include sale items or normal pricing. Maximum effect might be possible if sale items are included in a listing.

Send your product pitch or get in touch with at or in Australia, call 1300 660 660.

Notes fees are paid via PayPal

Pages comprise up to 10,000 words, up to 5 embedded YouTube videos, up to 5 images to provide information about a merchant's location, contact details, products, prices and layby terms or conditions.

LayBys includes Lawaways, LayBuys or Lay-bys